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United States Of America : Recycling technologies enable designers to reduce waste – Apparel News United States Of America

Many of today’s hottest fashions come from an unexpected source: yesterday’s plastics. New recycling technologies have enabled designers to incorporate fabrics and materials made with used plastic packaging into on-trend clothing and accessories, which helps reduce waste. lees hier hoe … Lees verder

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Agrarische sector produceert wereldwijd jaarlijks 1 miljard ton afval.

A holistic long-term approach may be the key to introducing sustainability into the food and agriculture (F&A) equation, according to a new report from Rabobank. via WorldPoultry – Rabobank report: Holistic farming key to sustainability.

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New York in actie tegen piepschuim en voedselverspilling

United States: New York City has passed a ban on food items packaged in polystyrene containers and a law requiring large food waste generators to compost that material. Both measures are scheduled to take effect in July 2015. via New … Lees verder

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