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New York in actie tegen piepschuim en voedselverspilling

United States: New York City has passed a ban on food items packaged in polystyrene containers and a law requiring large food waste generators to compost that material. Both measures are scheduled to take effect in July 2015. via New … Lees verder

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This Year’s 12 Greatest Strides Towards Reducing Food Waste

The year of 2013 has been an exciting one for the future of food. Amidst moving to ban trans fats and demonstrating the threats of routinely using antibiotics in animal feed, the country woke up to the opportunity and moral … Lees verder

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A Sea of Waste | Food For Thought

Of every 100 kilograms of wild catch, just 20 kilograms arrive in the market; the rest ends up back in the sea – dead or dying. “A Sea of Waste,” a Water Workshop at the Slow Fish event happening  in … Lees verder

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