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United States Of America : Recycling technologies enable designers to reduce waste – Apparel News United States Of America

Many of today’s hottest fashions come from an unexpected source: yesterday’s plastics. New recycling technologies have enabled designers to incorporate fabrics and materials made with used plastic packaging into on-trend clothing and accessories, which helps reduce waste. lees hier hoe … Lees verder

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Meeste elektronisch afval in nieuwe markten

De afvalberg van elektronische producten als televisies en mobiele telefoons in China en andere opkomende economieën is groter dan die van westerse landen. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van een door de Verenigde Naties gesteunde alliantie:  Solving the E-Waste Problem (StEP). Deze … Lees verder

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A Year’s Worth Of This Family’s Garbage Can Fit In A Quart-Sized Jar

Five years ago Bea Johnson and her husband and two sons were looking for a home closer to the restaurants, shops and school in their coastal California town. Today, she says, her family’s yearly waste can fit in a quart-size … Lees verder

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