The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment

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21/01/2013 Packaging Waste Management is Increasingly Resource Efficient – EU Data Shows

BRUSSELS, 21 January 2013 – A EUROPEN analysis of official EU data on packaging waste shows that over the past twelve years the amount of used packaging sent for final disposal is declining rapidly.

“Higher recovery rates and particularly recycling rates are largely the reasons”, Virginia Janssens, acting Managing Director of EUROPEN, stated on the announcement of the organization’s updated report on packaging waste data. “In 2010, just under 18.7 million tonnes of used packaging were sent for final disposal in the EU 27 member states. To put this into context, it has been estimated that 89 million tonnes of food were wasted in the EU 27 in 2006.”

via The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment.

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